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Services for the Horeca Business
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Services for the Horeca business


Frucosol - Servizumo, is not only a franchise to offer services to Horeca business. It is much more than this. It is a Franchise that solves a great demand in the current society.

As we know, people are more worried every day by the health, and the demand of healthy food is increasing more and more.

If we think about our last holidays, we will notice that everybody would like to take fresh orange juice in their breakfasts. It is clear that we are no dealing with an economic reason but it could be based on the lost of time it supposes the hotel to buy, stock and squeeze the oranges.

With our system, that necessity will be covered as the establishment will have as many oranges as they need every time and the best machines to make fresh natural juice.

We mustn’t forget that the benefit we can get with orange juice is higher than with any other drink.

Our juicers are designed to offer fresh natural juices in a simple and easy way and can be installed in any Horeca Business.

 Final potential customers:


Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Hostals, Spas, Ice Cream Shops, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Nurseries, Geriatrics, Gas and Petrol Stations, Catering Companies, Bakeries, Fruit Shops and so on.

servizumo es zumo natural para hosteleria 
SERVIZUMO - PG TEJERIAS C/LOS HUERTOS 26 - 26500 CALAHORRA (LA RIOJA) ESPAÑA -TEL +34.941.147653 - FAX +34.941.148519


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