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The Franchise
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The Franchise 


Frucosol - Servizumo is based on the following: the Franchisee will offer several establishments the possibility of offering fresh natural orange juice.

How it works? The franchisee will supply his/her customers with oranges (at a fixed and agreed price) and will loan them free of charge an orange juice.

Then the establishment will have an easy tool to offer fresh natural juice and at the same time the franchisee will become his/her only oranges supplier.


Minimum initial investment

The initial investment is based almost totally on the purchase of the juicers and it is repaid in a few months.

The profitability we get selling the oranges on exclusive basis provides the franchisee with high incomes.


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SERVIZUMO - PG TEJERIAS C/LOS HUERTOS 26 - 26500 CALAHORRA (LA RIOJA) ESPAÑA -TEL +34.941.147653 - FAX +34.941.148519


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